Trying new things

When I was a teenager I was painfully shy. It wasn’t until someone started a conversation is when I would carry it. I guess in a way I shouldn’t say shy, it was more of “yeah you make me laugh let’s hang out”. Lately going into my early 20’s I’m finding myself a little bit more confident. I use to care what people thought about me and how I presented myself to others. Not to say I’m sloppy or I don’t take care of myself in anyway, it was more of a confidence thing. I was shy to the point where I was fine with being by myself. In a way it back fired on me because I wasn’t putting myself out there. I wasn’t doing things I was passionate about because what I was doing was in my comfort zone. So I did something about it. I moved to Hawaii for about 4 years, learned about myself a little, personal things got in the way and now I’m back. I’m going to school and trying to put myself back together and get things done! This year is the year for Trying New Things! Some new things I’ve been trying lately is yoga. I had a stigma towards yoga. To relaxing, you’re not even getting a decent sweat in. Let me tell you…I’ve never felt more tense. I didn’t realize how much yoga is focusing on your core strength. My workouts before generally consisted of heavy weights and little reps. Since I’ve been doing yoga, I find that my posture is better, my outlook on my day is better, plus I can feel myself becoming more flexible! My goal this year is to be able to do the splits. Another new thing I’m trying is volunteering. Tomorrow, I’ll be volunteering at my local SPCA. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to work with animals and know the ropes of things. Another new thing is starting a blog. I believe I mentioned this earlier, I’ve always wanted to start blogging, but when I would tell people they would just kind of chuckle. I could roll it off my back, but it was enough where I began to doubt even starting one and just stick to journaling. You guys, if you’re passionate about something, even a hobby, don’t let you get in the way of what you want to do. There’s a part in you who had an idea and for a moment it made you feel a special way. We hear it all the time, “don’t knock it till you try it”.

What are some new things you’ve wanted to do? Please feel free to leave comments.




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