Captain Marvel Review (Spoilers)

Hi everyone!

First I’d like to say, I have been absent this past week. I’m trying to put myself on a schedule (finding inspiration). Alrighty, lets hop into it! (:

This past weekend my family and I saw the newest addition into the MCU, Captain Marvel. To summarize Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, she is an Air Force pilot who was helping her Captain, Dr. Wendy Lawson , on a mission to transfer alien energy, energy that’s powerful enough to jump from different planets and their systems. During their flight, they were attacked by Yon-Rogg and Dr. Minerva, soldiers from the Kree army. Once Carol and Dr. Lawson escaped their crashed jet, Dr. Lawson admits to Carol that she’s not who she says she is. She tells Carol that her name is Mar-vell, a Skrull scientist searching for a planet for her people to reside on. She tells Carol to take the energy that’s powering their jet, run and keep it away from the Kree soldiers. Confused, but obedient, Carol takes her eyes off of Lawson for a second only for Lawson to get shot by Yon-Rogg. Angry, Carol reaches for Lawson’s gun, aims it at the energy, and the energy explodes. With Carol only a couple feet away from the explosion, she absorbs the energy, thus creating her character Captain Marvel.

What I enjoyed about the film was that it focused on the Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. She shows her loyalty to who she thought were good people, the Kree army. The movie doesn’t waste time with her wandering around downtown LA, being curious of the tall buildings, or the fashion trends. She’s focused on her mission, which was to find Dr. Lawson. The film touches on women empowerment, by portraying a young Carol to a recent Carol falling, crashing, literally getting knocked down and getting back up again (LOVED IT) sometimes we need to be reminded that the world is going to do everything to knock us down, but we are always given an option to stay there or get back up again. Carol was always being told that her emotions are always getting the best of her and that’s where her weakness lies. Captain Marvel teaches us that being emotionally isn’t a weakness. When she discovers who she is, she becomes more powerful with her powers and within herself. She’s able to take down a fleet of Kree army BY HERSELF when she goes binary reminding the Kree army that she’s earth’s first line of defense. What I appreciated was that they kept the feminism to a minimum. It stayed clear of the social justice issues we see today, but still addressed to the younger audience that you can be tough and thick skinned while being in tune with your emotions.

All in all, Marvel has continued to one itself up, with the release of Captain Marvel and its upcoming release Avengers: End Game, being a Marvel fan, the company continues to set the bar high with the characters their allowed to work with (which aren’t the most interesting, that’s saying a lot). Saying I’m excited for April 26 is an understatement. Now, excuse me I have some comics to read (:

xo, leanne


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